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Fête in France – your American wedding planner in France
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Fête in France – your American wedding planner in France

After 14 years in the industry and close to 350 events, Fête in France possesses an unequalled breadth and depth of experience as event planners in France. Fête in France's clients value their professionalism and American customer service, the fact that they’re completely bilingual in French, and that they keep our cool under pressure. 

Fête in

«We allow your celebration to be the best expression possible of your tastes, your preferences, your traditions»

From luxury palace hotels with resources at the ready to exclusive private châteaux where everything, including electricity, needs to be brought in, professionals from Fête in France have seen it all.

They have earned the appreciation of the clients and gained respect within the industry as providers of a luxury experience through exceptional service. 

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