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I DO Wedding Agency creates truly stylish, modern weddings in Almaty, Nur-Sultan and all over Kazakhstan.

I DO Wedding Agency - is the only wedding planner in Kazakhstan that has its offices in two cities — Almaty and Nur-Sultan. How is I DO Wedding Agency different from other planners? The answer lies in itself. Their personal taste, work approach, and personal characteristics.

The team stands for creativity, but without any extremes and with the preservation of family values. They go for interesting ideas, but with no will to turn a wedding into a farcical play. Their personal taste, experience, view, and understanding of aesthetics reflect differently in every wedding, and that’s why couples choose I DO Wedding Agency team. That’s why you can simply say that the planner is unique in every sense. The style of each person is unique, the style of I DO Wedding Agency can be seen in each of the weddings, that they create with enormous love, like the one they would organize for themselves. 

I DO Wedding Agency

«We create the most precious memories»

The planner's team understands each bride and each mother, as they had been brides themselves too. They know all their worries and concerns, that they easily dispel. They always take care of the comfort of the newlyweds, their parents, and absolutely every guest. The team takes into account the peculiarities of relationships inside the family and finds compromises for everyone's desires.

I DO Wedding Agency knows how to integrate national traditions into a modern wedding format. Your wedding adventure starts with the preparations, that you will later be missing together with the agency’s team — as it is a complete small life, full of discoveries, laughter, and heartwarming memories.

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