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Wedding planners and the best wedding agencies in Italy

TOP15WEDDING project deeply respects and appreciates the work of wedding planners. We know exactly how difficult it is sometimes to coordinate creative professionals, to balance their schedules, and set up a well-coordinated work at the holiday. We see how the success of the event depends on the correctly chosen presenters, photographers, videographers, decorators. We feel that the work with planners from year to year has been perfected, thought out, and planned. This work brings pleasure every minute.

Work with planners — is the key to a successful celebration. We recommend the best of the best, professional planners with impeccable quality of work, with whom we have worked personally, and they know us inside and out. We are confident in each other's services, value our reputation, and don’t give empty promises. These are the planners you can trust to organize your special day and date. Professionals who love to create, organize, and come up with ideas that will both surprise you and your guests.



Pick a dream team of professionals for your wedding in Italy

Wedding planner PalazzoEventi

PALAZZOEVENTI is an Italian exclusive wedding and events agency that has been creating beauty and making the dreams of couples from all over the world come true for 10 years.This is a top agency that’s known for its high style and a full range of luxury services in Italy. The main office of this company is located in Verona. Clients from Russia can visit representatives of PALAZZOEVENTI in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

Wedding studio Happy Moments Collector

Happy Moments Collector is a friendly team of event organizers from Italy who pay special attention to detail and put all their professionalism into their work. These are amazing weddings in the most beautiful sunny locations: Lake Como, Maggiore, Garda, the regions of Tuscany, Liguria and the Amalfi coast. For them, the wedding day is more than just an event. They create each celebration with heart and soul.

Cooridnator Wedding House in Italy

Events organized by Wedding House are distinguished by impeccable style and keen attention to details. Wedding House team implements ambitious and technically challenging concepts both for small weddings as well as celebrations with many guests. The way they organize events gives them an opportunity to make couples’ dream come true and make everyone at the wedding a little happier.



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