Pion Wedding

Pion Wedding — это уникальный проект, соединивший в себе стиль, тонкий вкус и изысканность в деталях, индивидуальность и свежий взгляд на свадебную индустрию
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Pion Wedding is a unique project that combines style, delicate taste and sophistication in details, individuality and a fresh look at the wedding industry

Each event organized by us is unique. We are not looking for well-trodden paths, we are laying them ourselves. Each couple deserves to tell their own unique story, because love stories are never the same! It is this value that we broadcast at every wedding.

Every little thing from checking the content on screens, sound, light, installation work to bonbonnieres on the tables is under our careful control.

Pion Wedding

We follow trends, while remaining true to tradition

The photographs do not show our work well, because the bulk of our work falls on the preparatory processes: selection and approval of the site, taking into account the wishes of the client, painstaking selection of a reliable and proven team of contractors.

Our task is to create an effective team, where everyone works for one common result. After all, the success of the project depends on well-coordinated teamwork.

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