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Sumptuous Events

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Sumptuous Events is a leading luxury wedding planner in Europe

World-renowned event planner and designer Jean-Charles Vaneck, with his dedicated team of creative minds, craft some of the most luxurious celebrations you could imagine. It's not surprising that Sumptuous Events is considered the TOP 9 influential planner company in the world by Vanity Fair. 


« We tell people’s stories, and that’s what a celebration is really all about»

Artistic, hard-working, authentic, and talented dream makers, the so-called Sumptuous Angels, are not just a team but a family with a mission to fulfill all your desires. They create events of sheer perfection inspired by Jean-Charles’s adventures in more than 70 countries. Though based in Paris, Sumptuous Events bring events to life all over the globe. You might become their next stop.

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