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WEDMOOD creates atmospheric love stories inspired by modern classics
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WEDMOOD creates atmospheric love stories inspired by modern classics

Each wedding created by the agency is a unique realization of the desires of a particular couple. Their style is based on a combination of laconicism, elegance, the naturalness of images and details. A wedding made by the WEDMOOD team is more than just a celebration, it is the beginning of family history, a unique comfort on one of the most memorable days of life.


Your celebration is timeless for us, your love is for us forever

WEDMOOD is distinguished by a sensitive, professional approach to the preparation process. They work with love and collaborate with a team of trusted partners. That being said, they take on a limited number of events per year in order to maintain a personal touch.

Couples who turn to WEDMOOD love each other, have great taste, value their time and responsibility in work. The studio team, in turn, values ​​authenticity and naturalness: at the weddings they create, you will not find artificial flowers, candles and feelings.


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