Wedpeople – трендсеттер и свадебное агентство №1 в Казахстане, лучшее свадебное агентство 2021 года по версии телеканала MUZzone
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Wedpeople - trendsetters of the wedding industry, named the best wedding planner 2021 of Kazakhstan according to the MUZzone TV channel

WEDpeople wedding planner works in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Moscow and Aktau, providing the full spectrum of wedding services on the European level. They made a significant breakthrough during 2020’s wedding season – the project «You and I» – and Werner able to organize 45 micro wedding #fortwo in during lockdown. 

Rrojects of WEDpeople speak for themselves. Their over all experience in the industry is 8 year, 4 in Kazakhstan and 4 in Russia. They organize events in countries like UAE and Turkey as well. 

Knowing all the specifics of Kazakh national weddings, the agency has set its own mission: «While keeping up with the times, not to lose the national flavor, and arrange a stylish, modern, meaningful wedding or Uzatu (wedding on the side of the bride).»


The key element of each wedding for wedpeople has always been the atmosphere

The style, concept, format, location can be different, but each wedding is remembered by the couple and guests by the mood, atmosphere, special warmth, and soul.

With WEDpeople, a couple stops thinking about other weddings seen on the Internet and in magazines, comparing projects and pictures.

The main goal of the planner is to develop the performance of wedding specialists in Kazakhstan to the highest level both through the prism of their private projects and trainers, therefore wedpeople owns the only wedding magazine in Kazakhstan — WEDpeople; created top10astana in Astana; for 5 years they have been holding a training forum for photographers and videographers of Kazakhstan and arranged master classes in various areas. WEDpeople is also the organizer of the WEDDING AWARDS KAZAKHSTAN in the spring of 2022.

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