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Frida Kim is a luxury florist, Londoner from Korea.
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Frida Kim is a luxury florist, Londoner from Korea.

Everything related to design, nature, and art has always inspired Frida Kim. Frida comes from Seoul, where she used to run her own custom jewelry business. However, she eventually left South Korea's capital and relocated to the UK. In London, Friday unconditionally fell in love with English winter gardens and the beauty of English flowers. Soon after, she took intense classes in Floral Design and started her career as a florist.

Frida Kim

«Taken by the ephemeral and delicate grace of each flower, I become a vessel to unite their elegance and wild nature»

In her work, Frida uses all types of materials, including both fresh and dried flowers, branches, grasses, dried fruits, berries, and herbs. She often arranges flowers like poetry and follows the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy for inspiration. Frida creates one-of-a-kind floral designs that celebrate the beauty of nature in the most delicate ways possible.

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