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Max Owens Design is a boutique floral and event design company focusing based in Texas.
Florists Maxine Owens

Maxine Owens

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Max Owens Design is a boutique floral and event design company based in Texas.

Owned and operated by Maxine Owens, this creative company wants to let seasonal florals speak with their natural beauty. Wedding florals should have soul and movement in order to communicate the feelings of love and joy that can only be found on a wedding day. Max Owens creates arrangements that are wild yet still deliberate, and dramatic but gently so.  

Maxine Owens

«I aim to create an elevated, welcoming atmosphere that will be the ultimate backdrop for a celebration.»

Maxine loves creating, whether it’s the smallest boutonniere or a large-scale installation. Everything in between is equally exciting, because to her, there’s something amazing about making something beautiful with her hands using what nature has to offer.

The studio creates floral pieces for celebrations of all sizes, editorial shoots, corporate projects, and at-home installations.

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