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Behind Still Miracle is Diana Vartanova, a photojournalist by education and an artist who works with light by calling
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Still Miracle has been led by the award-winning photographer, journalist and artist Diana Vartanova

The photo-philosophy of Still Miracle is to pause happiness now and return back to it in the future: like travelling back in time and bringing all these feelings with you.

The story of each couple is unique, soulful and it inspires the photographer with its own meaning and beauty. At every wedding, Diana falls in love with a couple — and they fall in love with each other again every time when looking at their wedding photographs. 

Still Miracle Studio

I believe in fairy tales, magic, and happy-ends

Diana passionately loves weddings for their symbolism, meaningfulness, attention to detail, sincerity, and emotions, as well as for the trust of people who are ready to open their hearts. As a wedding photographer she takes each moment as a unique opportunity to create something beautiful.

Diana lives in London (UK) but she travels internationally and takes pictures wherever her couples feel comfortable. She follows their loving hearts to France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, USA and beyond. She is in an endless search for thrilling tenderness and creates elegant pictures according to a script written by life itself. Still Miracle’s breathtaking work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Tatler, Destination Weddings & Honeymoon Abroad.

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