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Far more than rubies films

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Mallory & Grant are husband and wife filmmakers that create vintage and bespoke wedding films

Mallory & Grant's niche is unposed films, as they aren’t fans of the “typical wedding video”. Far more than rubies films aims to film every wedding as if they’ve been friends with the couple their entire lives and just happened to show up on their wedding day with a camera. Mallory and Grant don’t do any fancy transitions, fake slow motion shots, or posed laughing — all of the shots in their films are 100% authentic and real. They are lovers of all things vintage: films, clothes, style, etc. 

Far more than rubies films

«We are lovers of all things vintage: films, clothes, style.»

Their brides are unconventional, lovers of vintage, and appreciate the in-between moments over the posed ones. Mallory and Grant have 2 film styles: grainy vintage, and crisp black & white. Guys are convinced that black and white films are perfect for vogue-esque weddings and modern brides.

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